Contact Manager
Helps businesses and individuals to better track and mange important information, Fast and easy way to manage day-to-day life schedules/appointments. Sign up
Business Planner
Do more in less time by planning your business strategies while you are on the go. . . is your step-by-step electronic software to keep you prepared to be successful. Sign up
Group Collaboration has a great project management feature that allows individuals to work toward common goals regardless of location. makes it easy to share and manage all of your important information with your team, friends, and family. Sign up

Contact Manager

No more worries about battery levels on your smartphone. Contact information on smartphones can now be much more accessible in an organized manner. No more lost of accumulated information about potential customers, support services, and personal/businesses. You can now use as your contact manager regardless of your location. Business and family contact information are available at no extra cost even with a lost phone. is your ideal mobile contact manager software. Contact manager includes:

  • Shared Contact Manager
  • Easy-to-Add User-Defined Fields
  • Birthday/Anniversary Module
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Business Planner

Do you now rely on post-it notes on your refrigerators, computers, and laptops for those last minute reminders or phonecalls about tennis practice, piano recitals, and your meetings? It is certainly a difficult task to rearrange these multiple schedules in a timely manner. Fortunately for you, however, these time-consuming schedule changes can be a snap with will not only allow you to receive automatic reminders, but also allows you to have your personal organizer with you all the time in one central online location. It is a good business planner that handles major project deadlines as well as manage family extracurricular school events. Business planner includes:

  • Automatic Reminders
  • Personal Manager/Organizer
  • Automatic Call Records Reporting
  • Permanent Business Notes
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Group Collaboration

While heading to out-of-town to New York you realize that your sales goals need to be reviewed, is your answer. You have over twenty (20) members on the team to share this information with... can make it happen. You are on a tight schedule, but need your team members to instantaneously edit document. . . will make this difficult task manageable. is a full collaborative software allowing retrieval for all at the same time. is a full task assignments and manager via the internet. Group collaboration includes:

  • Automatic Task Assignments
  • Time Management Module
  • Great Group Planner & Manager Tool
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Since 1996, CompuSystems, Incorporated has been a leading provider of technology-based solutions and software products and related services. We are focused on providing mission-empowering software solutions for today's clients that are easy and fun to use...even for the most novice computer users. With the introduction of, online internet-based secured electronic management and business planner system, we are intently driven to provide the most enjoyable and meaning computer software experience for our customers.

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